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Casper 8 Startup Disc (Boot CD) Crack quarhar




or a usb stick boot cd? how about universal usb installer? erik1207: you have any android device that works? erik1207: I think you have to specify the boot flag to load the boot.img from the storage disk, rather than the main storage nope, sorry erik1207: if you are able to boot the system on a live cd, you can use the ubuntu live environment to do what you want to do ok so I will install ubuntu from the start? I mean, i will start from live usb/cd right? erik1207: yes and I need root so I will go ubuntu-> ubuntu from the start? erik1207: I am not sure I understand your question ok I will do that erik1207: ok, good luck erik1207: but I don't think you need to use sudo from the live cd if you are already in the ubuntu live environment I will be back in a second then eos, I am in live usb erik1207: ok, let's see how you go but I want to create usb startup cd that I can start from any ubuntu or windows machine erik1207: in that case you need to specify the boot flag to boot the system from the usb stick I do not want to choose disk to load either from start erik1207: ok erik1207: I don't know how to do that, I just know that it is possible, though how do I create an ubuntu startup cd from the ubuntu live cd? erik1207: you need to know the architecture you are trying to install can you provide a link? erik12



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Casper 8 Startup Disc (Boot CD) Crack quarhar
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