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Get $20 for returning bottles

reusable envelope


Every drift bottle returned to us will earn you a $20 cashback for your next purchase at Skreen.!


  1.  Large Letter Box

  2.  Post Office(drop off at Large Letter / Package)


Skreen.’s envelopes are also designed to be reused. When your skincare is low in amount, please order a new bottle from us. The package includes:

  1. our lovely skincare products you ordered in a drift bottle.

  2. a reusable & pre-paid envelope.

*cashback credits will be automatically applied per bottle of order. One bottle order is maximised to one credit reduction ($20).

RETURN ME! for  $20  cashback 

Prep for returning

When you are ready to return your bottles, please give the bottle a rinse under the water, seal it back into the same envelope. Simply remove your personal details on the envelope and send us back at any Hong Kong Post send-out points**. We will sincerely take care of the disinfection process.

bottle return steps.jpg

You don’t have to worry about the return fee. It's FREE as a reward for being good to the environment!

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