Why choose Skreen

Skreen's Vision

Water bottle reduction has been catching the publics' eyes for years now. "What about skincare bottles?", we asked. 


  1. To reduce waste from skincare products’ packages by eliminating single-use packaging

  2. We want to further reduce waste from delivery with reusable packaging.

  3. To raise consumers’ awareness of daily waste generated by skincare products, knowing that they can live sustainably without compromising their comfortability and pricing.  

  4. Reusing means reducing at source, thus, is a more environmental friendly solution than recycling.

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How does Skreen lower Carbon Footprint? What is Carbon Footprint?

We Care About Our
Skin and Our Future. 

Melo & T.JPG


Trista L. 

& Melody T.

We created Skreen. which homophones with "Skin" & "Green". 

We are 2 ladies bonded by DIY natural skincare. We often gathered up in our little hut mixing skincare ingredients like 2 little witches. Over time, we got tired of how much wastes we generated on making our products. We hate to be the boiling frog.

And tah dah~

Skreen is born to fashion up the skincare industry with zero-waste. Of course, we have made sure the product is good and affordable!

It's 2021! What are you waiting for?

To help us do better, we would love to hear your thought about Skreen! Contact us

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