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The new Skreen Mini Kit takes care of your daily dose of skin hydration.


Suitable for travel/gift for a friend.


The essentials include:

1. Grapeseed Cream Cleanser * 30ml

2. Rose Deep Hydrating Toner * 30ml

3. Hyaluronic acid Serum * 10ml (^^in 30ml container)

4. Blue Chamomile Face Cream * 10ml


Add $5 to purchase a Reusable Charcoal Cotton Pad, (max. 5 pieces, original price: $50)


**Return your bottles to get $5 rebate!

Skin Hydrating Mini Kit - Green Option!

  • Skreen launched a mini-set containing 4 skincare products, which can now add $5 to redeem a reusable bamboo charcoal cotton pad (up to 5 pcs), which are perfect for travel or to take with you to gym. 

    The set deeply cleans, hydrates, nourishes and repairs the skin, leaving it healthy, bright and resilient. Moreover, this mini set is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, allowing you to pay attention to environmental protection while traveling.

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