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Bottles Drifting in the Skincare Ocean

We named our reusable glass bottle "The Drift Bottle". Bottles drifting around between environmental lover!

Start drifting TODAY!

I often dreamt of receiving a drift bottle on the beach some days when I was young. Until I realised drift bottles are for SOS signals, something bad had to have happened to the sender. Today! My dream comes true! Except! this drift bottles contain HOPES!

Hopes for fine skin condition

Our raw materials come from France, manufacture locally in Hong Kong. The cleanser is our favourite recipe, you might be less comfortable on your first trail (cause that was how I felt), but I will ensure you that you will not get over the textile and the after touch! The toner and serum's formula are written to be the simpler but most fine for hydration, these 3 cutie pies work so well together to clean up and pour in water, and the last step - moisturiser - traps water and calm your skin.

Hopes for fine next generation

How does our concept makes a better hopes for our next generation?

1! our glass bottle can replace 500 plastics containers

2! circulating bottles locally in Hong Kong replace mining, delivering, manufacturing new containers.

3! No trash goes to the landfill or washes down the Ocean!

Start drifting bottles TODAY with a friend!

One action makes BIG!

Refer to a friend to get $100 free coupon on your purchase!

(contact a staff for details)

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